Le Dépôt Légal


“My daily motivation? Making people happy, making them feel good. I wanted to create a place that was a reflection of everything I love and have discovered on my travels...” Christophe Adam.

Like the Club, each detail of the Dépôt Légal has been carefully chosen to create a unique experience. A place where you can relax and sample a range of fresh, straightforward cuisine prepared with great products. So, take a seat, peruse the menu and let yourself be transported by its harmonious creations. Christophe Adam puts all his creativity into creating savoury dishes that will take you on a gastronomic voyage. A culinary area he particularly likes but without abandoning his famous sweet creations: your taste buds will be overjoyed when you sample his famous and irresistible "Éclairs de Génie". Much more than a pastry chef, Christophe Adam is a veritable “gastronomic creator”.

Non-smoking room restaurant.