Table games at the Casino Barrière Montreux

THE 09 JULY 2020



Table games hours:

Monday to Saturday from 15:30 to closing & Sunday from 15:30 to closing.


Poker Room Hours:

Monday to Friday from 18:00 to closing & Saturday and Sunday from 16:00 to closing


Pick the right combination and win up to 35x your bet!

Guess which number and colour the ball will stop on. To play, sit around the table. The Dealer’s announcements set the pace of the game. “Place your bets” marks the start of bets and “No more bets” announces the end of bets while the ball is still spinning. When it stops, the winning colour and number are revealed. The Dealer collects the losing bets and distributes the winnings.

Get close to 21 without ever going over!

The game consists of beating the bank, represented by the Dealer, without going over 21 (otherwise you lose your bet)! If you hit Blackjack (a card worth 10 + an Ace) your bet is paid 3 for 2. If you win against the Dealer, but without reaching 21 points, you win 1x your bet .

The Casino Barrière Montreux offers a wide range of bonuses for a unique experience!

Lucky Ladies: Win up to 1000x your bet by betting on a blackjack box. If you get a total of 20 with 2 cards, you win!

Blazing Blackjack: Collect up to 7 in your hand to win the rolling jackpot!

21 + 3: Win up to 30x your bet by getting a 3-card poker combination with your first two cards and the bank's first card.

Top 3: Win up to 270x your bet by getting Three of a Kind, a Three-card Straight or a Three-card Flush, with your first two cards and the bank's first card.

Perfect Pairs: Win up to 25x your bet by getting a pair with your first two cards

Hone your strategy against the dealer!

Ultimate Progressive Texas Hold’em is a variant of the Texas Hold`Em that is played against the bank and offers you optional “Bonus” (Trips) and “Progressive” bets. The goal of the game is to get the best combination of five cards using your two cards combined with the five shared cards.

Punto Banco is played with 6 decks of 52 cards, bringing together up to 7 players around a semi-circular mat. The participants do not compete against each other, instead betting on the outcome of a duel between the Punto, a virtual opponent, and the Banco, represented by the Dealer. The winner is the person whose cards have a total value closest to 9.

High Card Flush, each player and the dealer receive 7 cards face down.  The player assesses their hand based on their highest card in suit. They either decide to fold or to play against the bank.

Roll the dice!

Diceball: Your mission = don’t make 7.  2 dice with 6 sides are used for diceball. You must roll both dice as many times as possible without making a total of seven.

Rocket 7: Try to determine the winning combination and roll the dice.

Nutz: Shake the dice and try to win up to 100x your bet by betting on the right combination.

Take on the greatest players of the Riviera!

How to book?

Telephone reservations are only possible before the Poker Room opens. These are only valid for opening, if the player does not turn up within 10 minutes of opening, the booking will be cancelled. Once the Poker Room is open, players must be present in the casino to register on the waiting lists.

New in Montreux

Complete Dealer's Choice (hi-lo included), Option of Mississipi, Chop-Chop or Run it Twice (for pots > 300,-), create a strategy to challenge the greatest players of the Riviera.

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