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Enjoy a lively, welcoming atmosphere with large tables and bar chairs, or round tables and benches in a lounge setting. Choose your ambiance and savour the gourmet flavours of Chef Ludovic Pasut.

Admire the wine cellar and the clean metal and leather decor, which perfectly complement the simple yet generous cuisine of the Café Barrière.

Enjoy the self-service buffets, whether inside or on the terrace in the summer, offering one-course, two-course, warm dish, and dessert menu options.

There's something new and surprising every day. In the autographed photographs lining the walls, spot your favourite artists who have performed at the Theatre, as you savour a glass of local wine.

In a hurry to get back to the game? The express menu option, priced at under €15, lets you grab a quick bite before going back to try your luck.

Non-smoking room restaurant.