Ultimate Texas Hold'em


THE 09 JUNE 2022



Come check our 2 new tables of Ultimate Poker & The Progressive Jackpot! 


Ultimate Texas Hold’em is similar to traditional Texas Hold’em, with one major difference being that the gambler plays against the dealer, not other players. In the Ultimate Texas Hold’em you also get an optional bonus bet and a progressive bet.


With a progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’em table, the table provides an optional bet that gives the player a chance at winning the ever-growing progressive pool. The jackpot can be won with a Royal Flush. The progressive jackpot starts with a minimum of 5 000€ and is reachable with any optional progressive bonus bet of 5€. 




Optional Bonus Bet Payment Table  : 


Full house : Bonus of 50€

Four-of-a-kind: Bonus of 500€

Straight Flush : Bonus of 1 500€

Community Royal Flush*: Bonus of 5 000€*

Royal Flush : 100% of the jackpot + 500€ guaranteed**




*Community Royal Flush: a royal flush with the board cards only. 

**for player that bet 5€ bonus.