Keep the privileges connected with your status for more than one year

From the moment we reopen, your status and Reward points balance will be automatically maintained for an additional year (13 months). And as good things come in pairs, your program is changing on the same occasion! To find out more, log into your Le Carré VIP account.

Come away even more of a winner, with easier access to higher status

Your Status points balance will be reset to zero, and you will be able to move up to higher statuses even more quickly:

  • Le Carré VIP “White”: from your first visit, no point requirements
  • Le Carré VIP “Silver”: from 8,000 cumulative status points
    (compared to 10,000 previously)
  • Le Carré VIP Gold: from 75,000 cumulative status points
    (compared to 100,000 previously)
  • Le Carré VIP Black: from 300,000 cumulative status points
    (compared to 400,000 previously)
Discover Ultimate, an even more exclusive new status

To honor ever more the trust and commitment we have when it comes to you, we are creating Le Carré VIP Ultimate, a new status with even more exclusive privileges.