The Bar Hennessy at the Club Barrière Paris is an exercise in pure opulence. Rather like making a fine cognac, the materials used in the bar’s décor have been carefully chosen to create a unique experience.

Fancy a break between two hands of poker? Then visit the Bar Hennessy at the Club Barrière Paris. Here, aficionados can relax and kick back in this ultra-sleek setting where luxury and sophistication are the byword. Comfortably seated in one of the upholstered leather chairs, let yourself be captivated by the finesse and subtlety of every detail. From the burnished copper of the alembics, the wooden staves of the barrels and the sophisticated black marble. An experience that would not be complete without sampling the best cognacs, champagnes and eaux de vie, to name but a few given the bar’s comprehensive menu. Whether you prefer it neat or in a cocktail, drink in the contemporary and immersive atmosphere... to create a memorable sensory experience.

Non-smoking room restaurant.