Check the menu The CASINOPARTY fomule

On its stunning terrace overlooking the sea or inside the restaurant with its fabulous décor, the Colombale serves delicious southern French cuisine that changes with the seasons. Dig in!

With octopus salad, linguine and prawns flambéed with whisky, or beef chuck pot-au-feu, Chef Jean-Claude Bollaro showcases his creativity all year round. Gluten-free and vegetarian dishes, such as salmon cubes with quinoa and a generous warm goat’s cheese salad, are also on offer.

Are you torn between discovering new foods and trying your luck on one of our 130 Slot Machines? Then try our Casinoparty package! On the menu: drink, starter/main/dessert and €10 of chips to spend wherever and whenever you want.

That way, you can do a little bit of everything.

Non-smoking room restaurant.